The ShaderFarm

Visualization services

Digital materials are only part of the story. Visualization is the end goal. It can help you train, markel, sell or improve your design decisions. Shaderfarm can help you in this process: we master interactive visualization, web-based, mobile driven, displayed on large VR walls, or even cost effective HMD devices. As we excel in material definition and scanning, we can achieve the utmost realism in visualizations made partly or entirely with our material library.

In addition to VR and interactive visualizations, we can also support you in still image and animation production. You can even think of us, as your interim subcontractor when your internal team has a temporary spike in workload !

The DNA of our company originates in visualization; before creating Shaderfarm, we have created premium brands commercials for famous OEMs for trade shows, marketing material... We understand the dynamic of motion graphics, the overall storytelling needs. We can listen and adapt our visuals to the aims of producers, designers, and marketing teams. And, of course, we understand all this is, as always, on a deadline...