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Material Scanning Enables New Hights!

Visualization | Quality Control | Material development

No matter if you want to recreate a material's true appearance for visualisation or want to file patents for new materials or want to do Quality Control for your product, our scanning services provide you the data you need in a way that is easy to apply, understand and use from the day one!

Measurement for Visualization

High Quality rendering is not just about the rendering engine and the shaders you use, High Quality rendering becomes truly High Quality when all the elements are prepared with equally high skill and dedication. Shaderfarm offers High-End scanning service to ensure that no matter what the material you want to render you will always have the very best elements to start with.

Texture scanning and creation

Seamless tile-able high-quality textures can be scanned from physical samples available to you or physical samples can tracked down based on your requirements. We can also create artistic textures for you without the need for physical samples. Our Texture Scanning and Creation services can provide you all the needed maps according to your needs such as as diffuse, bump and specular maps.

Scanning Specification

  • Diffuse Reflection
  • Specular Reflection
  • 19 Different Viewing Angles
  • 2 Illuminant Angles
  • Shaderfarm Perfect Match material support can be extended to almost any platform and 3d application such as CATIA, MAYA, 3DS Max and UNITY
  • Compliance with ASTM, ISO, and DIN Standards

Gloss measurement gives information of how "Glossy" the surface is. I.E. how strong specular reflection the material has.

  • Reflection Percentage
  • Gloss in Gloss Units
  • 20°, 60° and 85° Angles
  • Compliance with ASTM, ISO, DIN and JIS Standards

Haze Measurement gives more information of the scattered light, combined with the Gloss measurement a very accurate picture of the shape of the Specular Reflection is obtained.

  • Measured in:
  • Haze Units (HU)
  • Log Haze Units (LogHU)
DOI and Orange Peel:

Distinctness of Image (DOI) measures how clearly a reflection can be seen on the surface of the material. Many aspects of the material surface effect the DOI such as Orange Peel and Surface Waviness. DOI measurement is especially helpful for understanding the characteristics of a painted surfaces.


Shaderfarm Texture Scanning services provide you accurate textures for 3d rendering and visualisation regardless of your preferred rendering engine.

  • Multiple Maps: Diffuse, Specular, Normal, Bump, Alpha/Transparency
  • Multiple formats: TIFF, PNG, JPG or DDS
  • Bit Depth: Up to full HDRI (32 bits per channel)
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